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Simple, Smart and Secure! Every evening, our exclusive Lawn Link$TM system cross tabulates the GPS coordinates of your property against your relational database via our proprietary algorythms. The results are then filtered through our scheduling and marketing systems to maximize our service efficiencies. Every completed link reduces our costs, lowers your price, reduces service vehicle traffic and increases the beauty and security of your neighborhood.

How it works: Once you are a registering mowing services customer, you may start building links with your neighbors. One portion of our cost to service your property is the fuel and labor time required to deliver and unload our equipment to your home.

With Lawn Link$TM we build relationships with your neighbors and coordinate services so we unload our equipment once to service multiple properties. As these links are established, we automatically pass savings along to each member of the chain resulting in fewer or no price increases for many of our customers from season to season. As the number of links grow, your discounts grow. Our program also minimizes the number of service vehicles and employees entering and exiting your neighborhood each day.

We are actively involved in the local community and have a special grounds maintenance program for community organizations such as schools, athletic clubs and churches. Please forward this information to your organization so they can save thousands!


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