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All Services are Satisfaction Guaranteed - We take our business seriously and guarantee that we will provide the services we promised. We have designed detailed measures to ensure your satisfaction, protect your property and privacy, our equipment, employees and reputation. See the mutual privacy and dispute resolution provisions. If there's something we missed or you have another complaint, let us know by posting a message to your account within thirty-six hours of the service and we will correct it right away. If we are unable to correct your concern, if you have an issue beyond our control or outside the services we promised, we will promptly issue a credit for the labor cost related to that particular service.

All services with our company must be requested and scheduled through this website and paid for via credit or debit card, personal or company check, Bitcoin, Paypal, loyalty points or some sort of barter arranged in advance. We accept but do not make requests for payments by cash. If an individual represents themself as related to our service and makes an unsolicated request for payment in cash, they are not following company guidelines and such a solicitation should be treated as a fraud or a scam and reported to us immediately.

We prefer payment by check, credit or debit card for a few good reasons: 1.) it creates a permanent record of payments related to our relationship 2.) it keeps your costs down and 3.) if for some reason we don't resolve your complaint then you can challenge the charge with your credit card company.

With thousand of registered customers, there are a few common issues that seem to arise from time to time. The most common complaint is that their property was not mowed or aerated as scheduled. Other than normal weather issues, the usual cause for this is that the credit or debit payment did not clear (in which case we would notify you immediately) or the customer's property was fenced and did not have gated access of thirty-seven inches. Our mowers cost over ten thousand dollars and are designed to efficiently and professionally mow your lawn. We do not utilize push mowers or small tractor type equipment and are not able to service properties without proper access to the lawns. We clearly state that we require gated access of at least thirty-seven inches for fenced properties.

Another common issue is that pets are left unattended. If we arrive at a property and there is an unattended pet, we will not risk injury or loss of the pet. Our crews notify the main office and continue on to the next scheduled property.

If you have a complaint or concern, please sign on to your account and record your issue in the system within thirty-six hours of the last service. We will address your issue promptly, privately and professionally. If you wish to promote our service to your friends and neighbors, use our Lawn Link$ feature. Our mutual privacy agreement requires that you do not publish or respond to requests for reviews on third party websites (positive, neutral or negative) because it will interfere with our internet marketing strategy and our ability to offer such excellent service pricing by injecting unnecessary third parties into our relationship as well as creates costly and undesired third party search engine indexed links to our business. Use of this website, registering and/or requesting our services constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service.


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