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$9 Trial Offer
Trial Offer:

Considering a new lawn service? Try us and see how we do. We offer a one time $9 trial offer to potential new clients and promise to save you at least $500 per year on your maintenance costs versus other lawn care companies. This trial service includes grass mowing, trimming around the trees, fences and edges and blowing off of the hard surfaces such as decks, walks and driveways.

Before we arrive, we will provide a written price quote for regular mowing services and prices for a variety of other services. This offer is only available for new clients with normally maintained lawns desiring regular service. (This offer is not available to clean up neglected properties, not available for one time mowings and is limited to properties with grassy areas that are one acre or less. The adjusted posted mowing price for high grass will be charged if the conditions are not suitable on our first visit and you may use the $9 special on the next mowing.) If you are considering becoming a new client, please complete the new account registration form below. Existing clients please log in.


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