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We offer a number of additional services upon request. We provide routine lawn fertilization and lawn weed control services. We also provide lawn aeration, grass seeding, walkway and driveway edging, grass clipping collection, spot weed control of common weeds, mold and rust stain removal, mulching, shrub pruning, general lawn debris cleanup, and even mosquito control services and lawn painting. We are available for landscape and irrigation consulting. We provide discount weekly swimming pool cleaning and chemical balancing to our regular mowing customers. Please contact us for more information.

Aerating  Grass Seed  Edging

Weed Spray  Mulch  Prune

Pool Cleaning  Pressure Wash  Leaf Removal

Community Fundraising Programs

We are actively involved in the local community and has special fundraising and grounds maintenance programs for local organizations such as schools, athletic clubs and churches. Please forward this link to your organization so they can save thousands!



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