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Lawn Mowing and Exterior
Services Price Quotes

Receive instant online lawn mowing and exterior services price quotes locally in charming Granite Falls, WA. The prices quoted include mowing the grass, edging the driveway and sidewalks, trimming around trees and other obstacles and finally blowing off all of the hard services. These are prices for weekly mowing service and are estimates based entirely upon your inputs. We will also provide price estimates for other exterior maintenance services such as core lawn aeration, mulching, hedge trimming, fertilization, weed control, exterior window cleaning, grass seeding, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and swimming pool maintenance.

Select your total property size in Granite Falls, WA:

Small 1/4 Acre 1/2 Acre
3/4 Acre 1 Acre 1 1/4 Acre
1 1/2 Acre 1 3/4 Acre 2 Acres or more

The total property size is not the size of the actual grassy areas. The average property consists of 59% mowable grassy areas, 19% structures, driveways and walkways, and 22% ornamental shrubs, mulched or wooded areas, flowers, and vegetables. The estimated price quotes are based upon these averages. Please adjust your property size selection if your grassy areas are above or below average.

Property Specific Firm Price Quotes

Our weekly Mow Trim Blow service is priced according to the square footage of your mowing area and the linear footage of the areas to be trimmed. You may obtain a free general estimate online by selecting your property size above. You may request a more exact estimate by completing the form below. We will review your address specifically and respond with pricing.

During our first visit, we will confirm the measurements of your property and confer with you to ensure that we have the correct areas included in our quote. At that time, we will provide you a written firm price for our services.

Prices quoted are prior to deducting additional Lawn Link$TM discounts. Our professional equipment requires access width of thirty-seven inches to service fenced or obstructed areas.


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